Shareplate is Australia's first meal sharing marketplace app.

See what your friends and neighbours are cooking for dinner and place an order for yourself.

Select a time for pick-up and collect it on your way home from work, ready to eat.


Choose your meal from chefs within walking distance of where you live and use the reviews and ratings to help you decide.

Great Value

We guide our Chefs to price meals competitively to offer great value for money.
Most meals are under $15 each.


No food at home and no time to go shopping?
Jump on the Shareplate app while you're at work and order a meal to collect on your way home.


Sample cuisines that you may not have tried before and are not available in your local area through traditional outlets.

Extra Income

Earn some extra income by cooking for your neighbours on the Shareplate platform.
If you have a passion for cooking get in touch with us.

Reduce Food Waste

Most people cook more than they eat themselves. Share food with your neighbours instead of letting it go to waste.

Meet the Shareplate Chefs...